the adventures of d, v, & j

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basically we are badasses & need our own community

cool dudes?

"penis", a&m, all kinds of cookies, austin, baking, baking cookies, best friends, bffs, big giant hugs, chocolate chips, cookies, dar+vic+jess = love, darla, darla getting into ut!!!, eating cookies, egalitarian cookie societies, equal opportunity for cookies, everything about cookies, friends, ghetto high schools, hasta la vista tlu!!!, jason castro, jessica, laughing, love, nonsense, oatmeal raisin, paula abdul lifetime movies, peanut butter, port aransas, rambling, sprinkles, stolen cookies, texas, the cookie monster, the lacey cookie, the monster cookie, top shelf cookie company, top shelves of ovens, trips to the beach!, unnamed cookies to come, ut, vicki, white chocolate macadamia nut